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QLD Recyclers in Brisbane is dedicated to providing eco-friendly solutions to car owners looking to dispose of their old, unwanted or scrap cars. As an established auto recycler, we have the expertise and knowledge to safely and responsibly recycle your vehicle while ensuring it does not harm the environment. Our team of experienced professionals is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to handle all types of vehicles, regardless of their make or model. When you choose QLD Recyclers for your auto recycling needs, you can trust us to handle the entire process from start to finish, leaving you with peace of mind and a cleaner environment. So, join hands with us and go green with our auto recycling services today!

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Scrap Metal Removal Process

We Buy All Kinds of Metals

We are metal recycling professionals who will buy any type of metal you have. Some metals we frequently buy for cash are:

However, there are certain restrictions to what we buy, which is what makes our services are dependable and efficient. We do NOT recycle the following items:

  • Asbestos
  • Biohazardous waste
  • Corrosive materials
  • Explosives
  • Flammables
  • Radioactive metals

We Export Industrial Scrap Metal

We buy scrap cars from all over Brisbane and recycle the components at our facility for reselling to industrial customers all over the country. No task is too complex for our skilled workers, and we always have a significant quantity of scrap metal available for export. We export high-quality scrap metal worldwide from our locations in Brisbane, Australia. We at QLD Recyclers follow ecologically friendly processes to make sure that everything we produce is of the greatest quality and does not harm the environment.

Cash for Scrap Metal QLD

We handle your scrap on our sites to make sure that you receive the best cash for scrap prices. Drop-off, arrange for pickup, or use our skip bin service! We offer this service for free – carry the bins to your location, and pay top dollar for your scrap.

Cash for Scrap Metal

Services Offered By Us

Whether you have residential metal, commercial metal, or industrial metal, QLD Recyclers has got you covered! We are well-known for providing excellent service to our clients by removing unwanted metal from their premises.

Residential Scrap Metal Recycling

Residential Scrap Metal Recycling

We buy household metals such as old barbeque grills, food and soda cans, electronic equipment, exercise equipment, vehicle’s metallic body and parts, metallic pipelines, tools, metal fence or rails, and appliances like dishwashers, ovens/stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, Heaters, Toasters, etc. We buy residential scrap metal in QLD and pay top cash for residential scrap metal!

Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

Commercial Scrap Metal Recycling

We buy commercial scrap metals in your office or other commercial location. We buy scrap metals such as metal furniture, dispensers, gym equipment, tools, metal pipes, electronics, metal cages, metal utensils, and so on, and pay instant cash for commercial scrap metal in QLD!

Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling

Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling

You’ve arrived at the perfect location if you’re looking to dispose of industrial scrap metal. We purchase all kinds of industrial metal waste and give the best cash for scrap metal in QLD!

Why Choose QLD Recycling?

Junk metal recycling can be a far more complicated and risky process than imagined. So, when you need to get rid of scrap metal in Brisbane, choose the experts – Choose Car Recyclers Brisbane! We have a team of skilled scrap metal recyclers who understand how to safely and economically remove your unwanted metal. We also make every attempt to recycle as much of your trash metal as possible as we are an ecologically conscious firm.

  1. You Gain Trust in Exchange

    You can trust us because we are a licenced scrap metal buyer in QLD.

  2. Eco-Friendly Recycling

    To avoid any environmental risk, we recycle, reuse, and resell junk metal in accordance with Australian recycling norms and regulations.

  3. Customer-Friendly Services

    We are well-known for providing friendly and courteous services to our clients.

  4. Honesty in Pricing

    There are no hidden expenses associated with providing you with an estimate or removing scrap metal from your site.

  5. Committed Service

    We are driven by the ideals of hard work, passion, and dedication.

  6. Clear Up Some Space

    You obtain some free space when you sell your junk metal sitting around your home or storage facility.

Why Choose us

What Are the Advantages of Recycling Scrap Metal?

Mining has a harmful impact on the environment. Furthermore, when availability of raw metal sources becomes scarcer, the mining process consumes more energy and resources. Recycling is a significantly more efficient method of acquiring metals for industrial application. It uses less energy and preserves natural resources than mining for fresh metal. It also helps to reduce waste sent to landfills. Keeping this metal out of landfills and having it recycled helps the environment.

The Top Scrap Metal Buyer in QLD, Australia

We at QLD Recyclers buy all types of scrap metal in Brisbane from your home or business in QLD and its surrounding locations. We want to buy your junk car or junk metal! Call us today at 0730826446 for an instant quote and we will be there with instant cash!

We offer free pickup services for junk metal and junk vehicles of all makes, models, sizes, and shapes. QLD Recyclers will buy your unwanted metal, car, van, jeep, 4WD, SUV, truck, or Ute that is rusting and filling up unnecessary space in your lawn, street, or garage and pay you cash right away!

We want to establish long-term connections with our customers by offering the best cash for scrap metal up to $9,999. We ensure that all relevant paperwork is completed before removing your scrap metal. You can reach us by phone or by completing our online form, and our team will set up an appointment for you to pick up your junk the same day.

Call QLD Recyclers Now!

Our skilled Car recyclers Brisbane team will remove scrap metal from your home, workplace, storage facility, or anywhere else on your property. Let us handle the hard work while you avoid the sharp metal and other waste. So rest and relax as we haul away your scrap metal and give you best cash in return!

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Call us today at 0730826446 to make an appointment!

Or drop off your junk metal or junk vehicle at our premises:

25-27 Edith Street, Coopers Plains, QLD, 4108.

You can also get an online quote by filling out the form on our website.