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QLD Recyclers has been delivering excellent service since years. With sites across QLD, we have expanded as a team in order to reach out to your region. Our dissatisfaction with the handling of vehicles that are unfit to drive has motivated us to enhance our operations and become more careful of how we dispose of your vehicle. We can even give you cash for your car right away in QLD.

We aim to create an established Metal Recycling company that is accountable for the operations we undertake on-site. We want to connect Queenslanders to a long-term wrecking process. Transforming the sector will place a special emphasis on proper auto wreckage disposal and position our company as a leader in moving toward better environmental standards.

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Why is QLD Recyclers The Top Choice of QLD?

  1. The Most Competitive Cash For Cars Quotes
    We know that you want to get the greatest price for your vehicle, which is why we at QLD Recyclers strive to offer you the finest cash prices in QLD and the nearby region. We will match any authentic car wrecker offer. Send us a price request or phone us at 0730826446 to speak with one of our car assessment specialists.
  2. We Offer Same-Day Car Removal Services
    Don’t put off getting rid of that old vehicle! For early queries, we strive to arrange same-day car removal. When we are unable to pick up a vehicle on the same day, we constantly strive for next-day removal. More information is available on our Car Removal page.
  3. We Will Assist You With The Transfer Of Ownership
    QLD Recyclers will additionally assist you with the formalities associated with the change of ownership so that the process of selling your car is as simple and stress-free as possible. There is additional information regarding selling a car on qld.gov.au, or you could always contact our staff if you have any queries.
  4. Spanning all of Brisbane and the Gold Coast
    We provide car wreckers services throughout the greater Qld region, from Ipswich to Cleveland, and from Caboolture to the Gold Coast. Simply tell us where your car is and we will pick-up your car for FREE scrap car removal!
  5. We Buy Automobiles, Trucks, 4wds, And Other Vehicles.
    We will buy almost any automobile you want to sell. Do you require auto wreckers in QLD to dispose of a van? We will accept it! Do you want cash for your truck? We’ve got your back! If you have any queries regarding our 4×4 wrecking, bus wrecking, or truck wrecking services, please contact us at 0730826446.
  6. Experienced and Courteous Car Wrecking Crew
    Our crew has years of experience in the auto-wrecking sector and understands how to make the process quick and easy for you. We will be helpful and supportive from the first cash for cars quote to the time we arrive to take your vehicle. If you ever have a query for us, please contact us at 0730826446.

What Makes Us The Best Car Recyclers in QLD?

We were one of the first auto wrecking firms in the QLD region to adopt a depolluting procedure before disposing of a vehicle that is no longer usable, and we are champions of sustainable car removal methods. Before recycling the body of your vehicle, we recycle potential pollutants such as refrigerants, gasoline, oils, and air conditioning elements. We stress on the small stuff and make certain that no single stage of the process is overlooked.

Our methods are both certified and effective, thanks to the council’s green tick and an ARCtick licence. The arctic licence indicates that our team of professionals who understand proper disposal with minimum risk of pollution will handle refrigerant coolants in your junk car.

Our expert and friendly staff makes the process of wrecking your car simple and straightforward. The expertise and attention that is given to your vehicle will make you feel secure in your decision. You can feel good about choosing an environmentally aware firm that will make you feel more at ease with their services.

Eco-Friendly Car Recycling QLD

When you choose QLD Recyclers, you are choosing a firm that cares for the environment. We strive to make car recycling as beneficial for the planet as possible. We would never want to do anything that harms the environment.

Some benefits of choosing us as your scrap metal recyclers are:

  • Reduce the industrial footprint
    Recycling is a tried-and-true method for all of us to help decrease our industrial footprint on the earth.
  • Reuse pre-existing metals
    Recycling your car minimizes the need to mine virgin ores for new metal. You can be proud of yourself for doing that!
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
    Recycling reduces the depletion of natural resources, which reduces energy usage.
  • Earn Cash by Choosing QLD Recyclers
    Sell your car to us for a clean-green car recycling process, and get the top cash for scrap cars!

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